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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Dirty old man meets his match

Residents of a village in Baringo are lost for words after a respected village elder almost lost his manhood in a bizarre incident last month. In this village, the word rape is unheard of and the Biblical sanction against adultery is followed to the letter.

Mzee Chepngotei was a man of good repute and was spoken well of. Villagers entrusted him with issues of discipline and other matters that required delicate arbitration. He had helped the village in maintaining law and order, something, that even earned him commendation last year from the area chief.

However, as the saying goes, never judge a book by its cover. Mzee Chepngotei secretly admired peoples' wives. It is now known that some women had complained that he had made advances at them while arbitrating family cases.

He would secretly lure the women into sleeping with them as payment before rebuking the wayward husband. And indeed for those who submitted to his advances, their husbands reformed . Villagers however dismissed the women as rumuor mongers.

The rumuors subsided for a while, but it was not long before the bug bit him again. This time, with the urge for a much younger woman.

Given his expertise, he had been asked to arbitrate between Mr. Kanyerkil and his newly married wife, Maria. The couple had been married for barely one year when Kanyerkil started drinking heavily, leaving his young wife and five month-old son in the care of his aging parents. Friends advised Maria to look for Mzee Chepngotei.

He was already aware of her problem when she approached him. He said if she agreed to cook him a meal of ugali, things would be okay. He told her that the night of the meal should not be the day of the judgement, because he allegedly wanted to get more information from her. His words were well chosen and the tone encouraging. Maria readily agreed.

On the the material day, Chepngotei went to Maria's house. She had prepared brown ugali, to be served with a stew of osuga. He took his meal outside the house, according to the traditions of the village.

After the meal Chepngotei called Maria and asked for water, not because he was thirsty, but as a way of getting her to join him. She brought the water in one of the glasses kept only for special guests. He sipped the water, put the glass aside and asked Maria to sit next to him. This surprised Maria, but did not still sound an alarm in her mind.

Chepngotei moved closer to her, breathing heavily and uttering words of love. The reality hit her that Chepngotei wanted to be intimate with her. Her husband was nowhere to be seen. She composed herself and asked him why he was doing this to her and Chepngotei said he was just helping her out because he knew that she was longing for male company.

He tried to wrestle her down again but Maria asked him to go slow as she was willing to sleep with him. Chepngotei got excited and lavished praises on her.

Maria asked him to undress as she also prepared herself. This disarmed him completely. She then asked him to lie on his back, which he did. The old man was beside himself with excitement as she touched him.

Seeing that she had disarmed him, Maria went for the offending organ. She held it between her hands and twisted it so hard, the old man almost went limp with pain. She held it firmly as Chepngotei asked for forgiveness. Blood spurted from the injured member. He lay lame and helpless as Maria bombarded him with insults.

A neighbour responded to the old man's cries for mercy. On seeing what was happening, he was tongue-tied and ran to call other villagers. The old man was rescued and rushed to hospital. On recovery, he did not even press charges against Maria.

It was unbelievable that Chepngotei could do such a thing. He has been cut down to size and does not talk about womens' issues. He lost his dignity and his ego suffered miserably.

Guest post by Mundia Kamau


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

The case of this old man is sad and pathetic. What he was doing is unforgivable. By village elder I'm thinking he could be around 60?

But it raises a question here. Being a dirty old man aside, the guy is able to perform even at his ripe age. Why are young men having sexual performance problems even at age 40 and below these days?

Anonymous said...

Wanjiku do you know a man below 40 who failed to perform on you?

Kipsang said...

Wasn't this story published in Crazy Monday last week?

Anonymous said...

Is "Chepngotei" a euphemism for Moi? Now I see why he was hospitalised late last year...