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Friday, May 23, 2008

Why Are LAdies Taking Their Panties To Witchdoctors?

White men and women are a juicy catch for a lot of Kenyans both male and female. Meeting one may well mean a ticket to wild riches. This is especially so if one meets an old divorced white man or woman whom the young men and girls in their original countries will not touch.

Whereas in the past anyone wishing for a white partner had to physically go to the clubs and beaches to look for them or get introduced by a friend or broker, these days the internet has made it much easier. There are hundreds of dating agencies online and meeting the man or woman of the specific characteristics and age you desire is now just a click away. But you may be surprised to learn that not everyone is taking advantage of the internet to meet the men and women of their dreams. Some have opted to go through the traditional method of sending letters by post while they can get the same message across in an instant via internet. For some it’s because they’ve not embraced technology. But others have more sinister reasons that might surprise you.

You might think that witchcraft is becoming more and more uncommon among the young but in this business of looking for old white pensioners, it is very much rife. The reason why some people opt to send their letters via post is because it has to pass through a witchdoctor for some charms and ‘prayers’ before being posted. It is said that the letter is sent to the witch who stays with it for three days after which the sender can go for it and post. Together with the letter, the client must also give the witchdoctor her panties – she’s not allowed to give new ones but rather ones she has worn before. During these days, the letter and panties undergo all sorts of procedures before being returned to the owner along with the letter for posting. She posts just the letter and keeps her panties. It is said that on the last day before giving them back, the witchdoctor has to sleep on the panties as part of the ritual. This it’s said it to make the recipient of the letter want to come quickly and meet the writer of the letter.

It is impossible to do this with E-mails and chat rooms and that is why they have to take the long posta route.

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