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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Married Woman And The Bachelor In The Servants Quarters

Lucy was a lady who was well taken care off by the husband who worked out of the country and would come to Kenya once in a while to see his wife and visit his two children that were in boarding school. Lucy had her own house in one of the middle class estates and been alone in the house most of the times, it was only economical that she ‘rented’ her spacious S.Q. (servants quarters) out.

But her sq had conditions that it was only a single man who could be allowed to live there. And the man must be able to “service” the lady when she needed “services rendered.” Those were the instructions that were given to the agent and he did his work.

Peter was the man who was ‘lucky’ to get the sq but he had no idea what he was really getting himself into. When Peter heard the kind of the other work he had to do … he had to ask what he would get in return. Lucy told him to name whatever he wanted and he gladly said he would do whatever she wanted him to but he would not have to pay the rent … and his wish was quickly granted. And in any case, Lucy was a very beautiful woman that any man would love to have anytime … and the deal was done.

Lucy had a house help who would come in the morning and leave in the evening when the evening meal was ready. Peter worked in town and in the evening he would go to the main house to do his duty. So he had almost everything he needed and he didn’t have to be away from home. And to add to that the house girl also cleaned his clothes and his house.

Things were going very well and for a time he felt like the man of the house and anyway he was being treated like one. He was thoroughly enjoying himself and slowly he was getting cut off from his usual friends. He became less available and spent more time with the lady. The lady was also having a good time but from what she asked Peter to do to her and what she did to him it was clear to Peter that she was well experienced in these things. To Peter the thrill of the whole arrangement excited him sana and never thought much of it, even when the lady started videoing them in action. And things went that way for about nine months.

Then Peter started getting a bit freaked out when Lucy would sneak into his sq when the husband was around. The first time he thought that she was out of her mind but it became very frequent and it was worrying him. Lucy would leave the husband in the morning at around 4am and tell him that she was going to do some laundry. The man believed her and he continued to sleep while the wife was been serviced at the sq. Peter did not like that part of the story but Lucy insisted and there was nothing he could do.

One day while Peter was having lunch in town a friend of his saw him and they talked. It had been quite a while since they had last met coz these days Peter was not going for those drinking sprees. So the friend told him that there was some porn clip he had seen and it looked like it was him in the clip. Of course Peter denied it (even before viewing it) and that is when it hit him that it could be one of those moments that Lucy was taping them. To him that was the end of it. He wanted to get out of it.

That evening he asked Lucy where the tapes she’s been taking were. She was not interested in answering and ignored the question. But Peter cleverly said that they could sell the tapes and get some cash out of it and that’s when Lucy admitted that she had been selling the “action sequences.” Peter was really crushed and that was when he knew that it’s him his friend had seen. That was the end of the story to him and he told her that he would have to move out and end the whole thing.

Sadly, he had no idea what he had gotten himself into and he also did not know that it would be more difficult that he thought to get out of the mess he had gotten himself into.

The lady told him to pay his full rent for the time he had been staying there or she would take him to court. So Peter had to get a bank loan to pay off the rent and he was forbidden to ever be seen again anywhere near that neighborhood, that was the deal.

Still it is a well know fact that he was a toy boy at this well known Nairobi estate… a huge bruise to his ego for a man like him. The video clips of him and Lucy in the act are still doing the rounds, and apparently they are extremely hot.

Lucy’s husband still has no idea what happens in his house when he’s not around (and even when he’s around).

Oh and by the way, the sq has already been taken by another single man.


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

Hii pesa jamani. The things people do for cash!!

Anonymous said...

At least for once it was a man being used and not a woman as we are all used to. Hehehe. And by the way I am a man too. LOL

Mluyia said...

So where can we buy these tapes?