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Friday, May 9, 2008

Woman's shocking confession of what she did in bus to Mombasa

Last year I was heading to coast to stay with friends for a few days. I boarded the 10.30 usiku bus from Nairobi and was due to arrive Mombasa at around 7.00 the next morning. Nairobi can get very cold at night and one can only carry so much on a trip. I soon realized that what I had carried to keep away the cold was not enough. Somewhere along the way not too long after we departed, I was cold and shivering and wondering how I’d make it through the rest of the journey. The moving bus made it worse coz of the wind. The guy next to me who had been quiet all along turned over and asked whether I was cold. I said yes and next I knew he had his jacket draped over me. It was warm and pleasantly fragrant. I thought that was just a nice gesture and made nothing of it.

Soon I drifted off to a light sleep and he allowed me to rest my head on his shoulders. I could not sleep much though – I’m not used to sleeping in a moving bus. I woke up and we started chatting, normal things about what I do in Nairobi and what he does in Mombasa. How long I would be down at the coast and whether we could have lunch before I came back to Nairobi. Whether I have a boyfriend and whether he had a girlfriend blab bla bla. Inevitably we talked deeper and deeper stuff and before long, we had both ourselves in quite a state of arousal. When the kiss came I was expecting it and yes I wanted it too. The guy was so smooth! Not to mention good looking.

We were in a moving bus and I was in tight jeans and yet... There was only so much we could do. But we were both determined to let off some steam. I had a large kikoi which I used to cover us both and soon my jeans were down to my thighs. Most of the passengers were asleep by now and for those who were awake, too bad, we were just way past caring. I was already so turned on and wet downstairs. When he slipped a finger it did not take me long to feel the all too familiar contractions of an orgasm. I’m the kind who screams when that time comes and the most difficult part of it was staying quiet. I mean, you do not want to scream in a bus full of people.

After I was done it was time to return the favour. Down I went to his very swollen tool. I’d been touching it all along and oral was the next obvious thing. He was nice, clean and fresh so it was easy. It did not take him long either. We slept peacefully all cuddly mpaka Mombasa.

Editor's Note: Just a reminder to readers that this is NOT a work of fiction. We are also shockingly informed that what is described here happens frequently on the night buses to Mombasa from Nairobi. What is our society coming to surely?


Anonymous said...

This is disgusting.

Has it crossed the nice lady's mind that the guy could have been using "madawa" to make himself irresistable and cause her do such disgusting things in a public bus?

Anonymous said...

enyewe joan, what is this world coming to?

as shocking as it is, i know it happens quite a lot on those night buses, i've heard a story or two myself kwanza on those mombasa buses but i never thought people do it with strangers! that can be so dangerous!


Wanjiku Unlimited said...

hehehehe Joan wacha kutuharibia CV watu wa Mombasa. Lol.

Anyway it's true it happens a lot on the night buses to and from Mombasa. I dint know about other night buses like to and from Western Kenya? But what I've heard here is mostly like lovers traveling together and then for some reason they cant wait to get home and comfortable. But Joan this gal is nuts! Oral??!! On a stranger??!! uuuui that's just too much.

Ati he was nice clean and fresh. Gal I have a lot of questions which i cant ask on this forum.

Sayra said...

Aii, ati stranger?

One ceases to be a stranger after the first 10 minutes of talking. After that if you are agreeing you become friends ... and onces friends, then anything is almost agreeable ... :).

Such stuff not only happen in costo buses but even those to naks, eld. Have heard such stories in those routes.

Ours is a society that is opened to all kind of ideas, and definitely ready to experiment whenever possible.

Anonymous said...

Back like ten years ago the same thing almost happened to me but it just ended at the heavy petting stage coz i was still a virgin . Maybe that saved me a major case of VD or even worse !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I thnk our gals need to be more careful than this, go to most bus companys travelln to msa and u'll find some young men just hanging arnd, the minute a young lady books a ticket one of thm wld stand next to her and whn shs thru pick the next seat, so nxt time a young handsme man sits next to u thnk abt it, maybe its no coincidence, I need nt go into wht sch a person can do to you

David said...

Sayra u so right....

kaka mom said...

Well,thats an interesting confession,i wonder how u just allow a total stranger,a somebody you aint even know and allow them to touch and do all of those vile things to you? Ewww! Chanunka dada