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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Barren woman goes for naïve schoolboy in last desperate attempt

There is nothing sadder in this life than a woman who badly wants kids feeling that she is running out of time.

Such is the irony of life because when women are younger they work very hard to avoid getting pregnant.

Anyway Stella had been married not once before and not twice, but three different times. To three different men who loved her until they realized that she could not give birth. She was approaching her 40s and despite visiting every specialist in town and even a witchdoctor or two, she had still not managed to conceive. She badly wanted a child and yet time was not on her side.

That is when an interesting job offer came up. A woman who knew her love for children recommended her saying she loved children very much, more so because she deeply desired them but had never had any of her own.

There was this wealthy family in Muthaiga, Nairobi where the woman of the house had just died while giving birth. The child had survived but the family needed somebody to dedicate themselves to caring for the child through that very sensitive early stage. Money was not the problem. They just wanted somebody who was dedicated enough.

Stella accepted. She needed the money anyway and she was also certain that it was a job that she would do well. It was true that she really loved children.

Doctors at Nairobi hospital carefully briefed Stella for 2 days before she was allowed to take the child home to Muthaiga. They emphasized the fact that above everything else the child would need to be loved. Love was more important than food and Stella would have to give that child plenty of motherly love otherwise the chances of survival would be very slim. Stella was shocked but took the responsibility very seriously.

Indeed things seemed to go very well and the child grew healthy and normally despite the fact that his mother had died shortly after he was born. The family members were very happy with this development. Especially the first born boy at the home who was doing his Standard eight exams. The death of his mother had naturally affected him badly and the last thing he wanted was for his small brother to follow her to the grave.

Now it is a well known fact that young boys are over-sexed and can very easily get a woman pregnant. Any woman, that is and not just a fellow school companion who happens to be female.

It is not clear exactly when Stella started to get her bizarre idea but it was very soon a well known fact that she was sleeping with the 15 year old boy. Many who did not know her past history did not understand her chief motivation for doing what is in fact a criminal offence, seducing and sleeping with a minor. Neither did the young boy understand until years later why Stella used to scream at him to make her pregnant at the critical hour as he emptied himself inside her.

Of course word got back to the man of the house and he found himself in a very difficult position. He did not want to risk the toddler that his dear wife had left behind during child-birth. He was too scared to do anything despite his misgivings and so he allowed the affair to continue for over 2 years.

Surprisingly the boy ended up doing very well in his exams and qualified to go to an excellent national school. Stella’s idea never quite produced the results that she had hoped for and she never got pregnant. In fact she passed on without ever giving birth to the child she so desperately desired. The young boy who was left by the mother is today a senior bank executive in a Mombasa bank and is doing very well.

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