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Friday, July 25, 2008

What did you say after the first sex encounter?

Everything has gone just perfectly and the object of your desire is finally in your arms for those passionate moments. When it is over you feel great and feelings of love, emotion and all those other things that women feel are almost choking you.

What do you say?

Many women find themselves uttering those no-no-words; I love you.

And what reaction would you expect from the man? Applause? Or perhaps what you see in the movies, his eyes shining back at you with passion and affection?


Instead you will get that unmistakable look. You see it in rats when they have been trapped by a swift cat. Or rabbits in danger and about to bolt. It is the look of fear. Or in a 7 year old child when they forgot to do their homework. Keep your eyes on the face and not the words. Because whatever words he utters are really meaningless. For all intents and purposes his mind is at that time racing furiously, figuring out how he will get so busy that you will not see him again. The only time he will have is for another roll in the sack (depending of course on how good you were).

So what did you say after the first sexual encounter with a man or woman you really loved?

Let us sample a few typical famous first words;

“Wow.” (both men and women).

Big sigh (both men and women. This can have two very different possible meanings. That is relief that the tiresome physical activity that bored them to death is finally over. Or it could mean it was so great that words cannot describe it.)

“Where have you been all my life?” (usually from women, previously frustrated by lousy lovers.)

“Promise, never leave me.” (from women overwhelmed by emotions. Why would you want a useless meaningless promise that will never be kept anyway?)

“I am hungry.” (both men and women. Usually means that the sex was lousy and this is a quick exit strategy because the next thing they will suggest is eating out at a nice restaurant they know. However some people do usually, genuinely feel hungry after sex. A few.)

“Do you mind of I watch the news?” (Usually men. This clearly means, it was a disaster, unless of course they are actually appearing in the news that day, or the earn a living from the news).

“If I ever catch you with another woman, I will cut off that thing.” (another meaningless threat from a woman who has just had a great time.)

Let me end with the classic one that comes from both men and women and confirms that folks are in way too much of a hurry these days to jump into the sack.

“Sorry, what did you say your name was?”


Anonymous said...

I asked...wapi suruali yangu?

Mcheku said...


David said...

Wea do u get tha energy to talk?

vieve said...

I remember mine vividly,.............."is that it?"

john said...

very sweet dear. how did u feel