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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mystery of encounter at Christmas party

HIV-Aids has created havoc leaving many premature deaths on its wake.

The sad stories that can be told about the scourge are just too many.

Dorcas was an unhappy woman who was always unlucky with men. And to prove it she had a cute little daughter from one of her liaisons of the past gone sour. The man who sired the child had no interest whatsoever in even seeing her.

In many ways Dorcas was desperate and that could have been a contributing factor to a certain controversial event that I remember so well as if it was yesterday.

It was a Christmas party at a friend’s house and Dorcas even came with her daughter very smartly dressed in red complete with matching ribbons on her hair. The drinks flowed fast and furious and it seemed that something started happening between Dorcas and Hezron a young guy about 10 years her junior.

Romance, if you can call it that, usually happens pretty fast at parties. The next thing I knew is that I went into one of the bedrooms in the house where I had left my jacket and when I opened the door I was met with a site that caused me to quickly step back and bang the door shut. For a moment I could not believe what I had just seen. And why they didn’t shut the door, I just could not figure out. Maybe they were both too drunk to care.

What I had seen when I opened the door was Dorcas and Hezron “in action.” Dorcas had her legs spread out and Hezron was on top of her hammering away. There is a big difference between being told and seeing for yourself.

About a month later Dorcas met another man and shortly after that they got married.

But poor Dorcas started getting sick all the time and when she went to hospital she was told that she was HIV positive. She died a few months later and her husband followed her to the grave maybe a month later.

Now my eyes remained firmly fixed on Hezron waiting for the inevitable to happen. I was almost certain that something was going to happen because I know they had not used a condom that day at the Christmas party when I had seen with my own eyes what had happened.

Nothing happened to he guy. Hezron in fact got married about 3 years later and his wife gave birth to a bouncing baby boy who was in fact badly overweight.

As you read this Hezron has two children, is still happily married and has shown no signs of falling sick. I have never even seen him with a cold. It is now 20 years since that Christmas party.

It seems that the guy escaped with his life despite unprotected sex and every time I meet Hezron, I can’t help remembering what I saw in that bedroom such a long time ago. And I always walk away shaking my head. Some people are just born lucky I guess.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe he is naturally immune to HIV/AIDS Virus, or he is circumcised which reduces chances of cathcing the virus by upto 60%. Or maybe still Dorcas got it after the encounter.