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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Why did man fall in love with tough woman who beats up men for fun? Part 2

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The romance between the tough Mama Bob and Jared is not very easy to understand.

Jared fell in love and was turned on by Mama Bob’s toughness. Many men who have not gone through such an experience may not understand that, let alone be able to identify with it.

The reason why women mostly live longer than men is because they talk about everything. While most men continue to carry excess baggage. This is the reason why those who were interested found out exactly what went on in privacy between the two love birds.

Make no mistake about it, Mama Bob was the violent type and this extended to the bedroom. But the fascinating thing about the violent encounters which the chic always won without much resistance was that they mostly ended in some very passionate lovemaking.

The truth is that in any fight Jared had really no chance against Mama Bob. In fact to avoid hurting him too much she would simply lift him up in the wall by the neck choking him and would then fling him across the room.

The first time they made love, the room resembled a war zone. Broken cups, sufurias all over the place mattress on the floor small safari bed upside down near the wall. They saw this at the end of it all as Mama Bob held Jared firmly in her iron-like grasp while both of them were sweating profusely from some very satisfying sex. They looked at each other and laughed.

What made matters worse was when Mama Bob got pregnant with Jared’s first child. Usually women are very touchy and easily provoked when they are pregnant. You can guess the extreme case of Mama Bob. Inevitably a neighbor rubbed her up the wrong way and the two were separated after Mama Bob had already done a lot of damage to the woman’s face. You see when the couple got married they moved to a house in Kangemi where nobody knew Mama Bob and what she was capable of.

As the two women were separated with half a dozen men using all their strength to hold Mama Bob, she angrily told the other woman;

“Don’t cross me ever again, especially at this time when I do not know what I am carrying.”

The other woman replied in anger:

“We shall all see what it is that you are carrying.”

Sadly those words proved to be deadly and Mama Bob gave birth to a cripple. Don’t ask me how that happened. Your guess is as good as mine.

But that encounter changed Mama Bob forever. She cooled down considerably and attributed her child being a cripple to her anger. For the first time she was able to see every day and every minute the consequences of not controlling her bad temper. Those who knew her from Jericho were shocked when they came to visit. Many of them assumed that it was marriage that had changed her, not knowing that it was her giving birth to a cripple child that had changed her so much.

But she was still able to deal with her husband once in a while when he crossed the line. One day Jared came home very drunk and she opened the door for him and marched back to bed furious with him because he had not left any money for food that morning. It was a big effort not to fling him across the room there and then.

When Jared joined her in bed he started asking for his conjugal right. Obviously the last thing on Mama Bob’s mind at that point was lovemaking. So Jared suddenly found himself very high on the wall and the next thing he knew is that he had been flung across their tiny bedroom. He hit the wall on the other side and knocked his head rather badly, starting to bleed from a deep cut on the side of the face.

At the site of the blood Mama Bob deeply regretted what she had just done memories of her cripple child flooding back and rushed to his side. She tore an old white shirt and bandaged his head with it after cleaning the wound with salt. She then lifted him and placed him on their bed. The next thing she did surprised but pleased Jared considerably. She undressed and joined him in bed for some very passionate lovemaking where she vigorously did most of the work from the top like she was the man (jijazie). Jared loved it of course and the story neighbours got the next day was that he had been mugged on his way home the previous night. Most were forced to believe the story because the two lovebirds did not behave at all like people who had been fighting the previous night.

Jared and Mama Bob are still happily together and ended up having 6 children. Mama Bob is now beyond child-bearing age. These days she is a serious prayerful church woman.


David said...

I hav a clip of mama bob beating up jared.its funny u guyz should c it.

Mcheku said...

I dont know what to say! I certainly never expected to hear of a crippled child in this story, woiy, that is so sad. Maybe that neighbour who had crossed Mama Bob bewitched her! Who knows?

Mo said...

So, it suddenly changed from 5 kids to 6 kids, eh?