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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why did man fall in love with tough woman who beats up men for fun?

There is a Swahili saying; tembea uone mengi which roughly translated means that you should walk around and you will see wonders.

How true!! Indeed there are some characters that are so crazily unbelievable in this world that they may sound like something from some badly written, unbelievable fiction.

Like Mama Bob from Jericho in Nairobi’s sprawling Eastlands. She’s an expert in martial arts and although she’s now happily married, if you ask around from the older folks they will remember the chic who had a reputation for beating up men very badly.

Now it is important that you realize one very important fact here. There are hardly any sissies in Eastlands, especially in Jericho. In other words Mama Bob used to beat up very tough men. She was heavily built and had a voice that was a little too deep for a girl. Not to mention the fact that she smoked bhang like supplies were soon to run out for good. Although she hails from a place in Western Kenya where women are known to be very tough, Mama Bob was extreme.

Jared was a handsome political activist. A really courageous guy because he was a political activist in the days when such people would get killed like flies and nobody would dare raise a finger. But Jared was also tall and rather thin. In other words, no match for Mama Bob.

One of the creative ways in which Mama Bob used to earn money in those days was by providing security for Changaa dens in Jericho. She was in very high demand amongst the women brewing the illicit brew because no man would dare dream of not paying when Mama Bob was in charge of security. She would sit at the door smoking her bhang openly and with that tough look on her face. Even the cops feared her and would think twice before raiding a changaa den where she was.

This is how Jared met her and for him it was love at first site.

Nobody had dared to try and seduce Mama Bob. How did you even start? But it seems that Jared was born to play with fire and he did not seem to get enough out of provoking the one-party Moi regime he had to go and provoke a woman who had put several men in hospital.

“I have fallen in love with you.” Jared is said to have suddenly told Mama Bob in the crowded Changaa den. The room fell silent and you could have heard a pin drop. Mama Bob stared with her blood-shot eyes at this lanky man. She did not move from her stool at the door, but that did not fool anybody. Those who knew her, knew that she was capable of getting across the room in a split second.

“I am going to marry you.” Jared repeated looking straight into Mama Bob’s eyes.

Some clients hurriedly got up and retreated to a safe distance.

Mama Bob got up slowly and walked towards Jared who remained seated. She stood looking down at him menacingly.

“I want you right now.” Jared said. There was a giggle from somewhere in the room, according to various versions of this story, some of them extremely exaggerated.

“What have you put in the changaa today Mama Omondi?” Mama Bob asked her eyes still staring menacingly at Jared. Jared stood up and looked straight into her eyes. Mama Bob’s huge hand shot out grabbed Jared neck’s and pinned him high on the wall so that his feet were hanging in the air. He was choking, but he still managed to say one more, “I love you.”

Mama Bob then tossed Jared across the room like he was some cheap doll. He hit the wall on the other side falling on a stool full of glasses and smashing them.

He got up brushing the dust from his dark suit. People begged him to leave and he silently did so.

The next thing people saw was Mama Bob with Jared talking and laughing together a few days later. This was one romance that puzzled many and was talked about in Jericho for years.

In fact about a year later, Jared was forced to leave Mama Bob and flee to Tanzania with another very prominent Kenyan politician and they lived their in exile for a number of years. Still Jared kept the promise he had made to Mama Bob. He had told her that when he came back he would marry her. And that is exactly what he did. They are still married and apart from Bob, the couple now have 5 children together.

But before I sign off for today let me try and explain how this unlikely romance could have happened. To date no man has ever dared to tell Mama Bob that he loves her. The only man in history to have done that is Jared. As tough as she was she was still a woman and had a soft side and what Jared told her that day touched her. She had been known to beat up men very badly but that day all that happened to Jared was that he was flung across the room. Those who knew Mama Bob would have told you right away that he got off very lightly.

Jared on the other hand seemed to have been extremely turned on by the toughness of the woman. He was so turned on that he could not think straight.

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1 comment:

Mcheku said...

Hehehehe! I can just imagine the tension when Jared said he had fallen in love with her. The man must have some guts! I guess its good to be daring after all he got her in the end.

Joan we shall be waiting for the end tomorrow.