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Monday, July 21, 2008

"Wacha amalize horror" at Hilton Bus stop

To most men the crime of rape is one big joke.

Nothing illustrates this better than an incident that took place on the streets of Nairobi some years back.

The scene of all places was the usually very crowded Hilton Bus stop. There used to be a mad man who used to regularly roam the place and mostly terrorize women.

One day at around 5 pm as Nairobians were making their way from work to catch their bus home at the very popular bus stage, my informant could not believe her eyes.

The mad man (whose name was Onyango, if my memory serves me right) was ontop of a smartly dressed woman raping her right there in the bus stop in front of everybody. Clearly there was very little the poor woman could do because you may have heard that mad men are usually very strong. A few men tried to rush forward to pull the man off the woman but they were kept at bay by some men who had cordoned off the scene determined that nothing should interfere with their “free movie.”

“Wacha amaliza kwanza” the well meaning men were told by the amused mostly youth who were watching the whole thing with awe as the dirty mad man pounded away at the smartly dressed woman right there on the pavement of the busiest bus stop in Nairobi city.

My informant has no idea what happened next or whether Onyango “alimaliza” because they shielded the curious eyes of the two children they were with at the time and hurriedly left the scene.


Sayra said...


You mean people were just standing there to watch?! Yak!!!! that is soo sick. Ohh my God.
I aint kidding you, i were there i could have messed with that man badly ... whether mad or not. I just hope the men who pulled him off her worked on him.
Such are the people that make me wish i had a license to carry a gun around. BTW, coming to think of it ... i need a gun, anyone with an idea of the process of getting on and the license.

Anonymous said...

I take this story in bad taste in regard to innocent victims of Rape.

David said...

Ugly !

Anonymous said...

You want a firearm Sayra?...visit the Firearms Licencing Bearue located along Ngong road after Community and before KNH.

Before collecting forms make sure you can convince cops you realy need a firearm...i.e. your home has been attacked before, the Cop station is far from ur house etc. Ensure you are a well known individual to the OCPD of your area. Ensure you have a safe to keep it in your house. You shall not walk the streets of Nairobi with ur firearm. Convince cops you have been trained on firearms! a nyaunyo from a Maasai!

Kiki said...

Sayra you want a gun. i hear they're so many in eastleigh. lol.