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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Father who fell in love with his own daughter

Money it seems sometimes has a funny effect on the brains of those who make plenty of it.

I have in mind the sick bizarre story that you will be told if you ask any old hand at the famous Dagoretti slaughterhouse about the billionaire who had a love affair with his own daughter.

Residents of the area still scratch their heads in wonder and ask themselves many questions as to what the problem may have been. The billionaire would have had any woman he wanted and yet he found that there was no other he could love romantically except his own blood daughter.

This billionaire never went to school but from a humble beginning managed to build a vast business empire to become one of the richest people ever in the history of Nairobi.

He built a very large mansion fit for a king in Karen and forbade any of his two wives (including his daughter’s mother) from ever setting foot in the place. The woman of that house was of course his very own beautiful daughter. After their busy days father and daughter would arrive there in their separate cars for companionship and passionate love-making at night. It is said that the servants in the mansion were few and were discouraged from discussing what they saw at the house. In fact a few were dismissed for their loose tongues.

But even in this the billionaire made a huge miscalculation because this gossip tale was irresistible and word was bound to get out. And it did.

The billionaire’s daughter already had a child from a previous liaison whom she sent to boarding school when he was very young but mercifully never got pregnant from her own father.

Incidentally she died a very violent death in the hands of some trigger-happy carjackers. The father could not bear life without the love of his life and quickly followed her to the grave. He left behind a huge fortune which is still being enjoyed by his relieved wives and their children.

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Anonymous said...

The Billionare supposedly had a child with his daughter, but the child lived in a famous children's home in Nairobi.

Anonymous said...

was his name Muhu wa Kanga'ri?