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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Man does crazy thing in late night matatu

A man (who was not even drunk) greatly embarrassed commuters with his behavior in a late night matatu in a bizarre incident that has been talked about a lot by Nairobians for a long time now.

The matatu was headed to Kawangware from the city centre along the route popularly referred to as route 46.

Even more fascinating was the fact that the man was fairly well dressed in a suit (albeit without a tie). Still the 9:30 pm incident left just too many questions unanswered.

The man had stood next to a smartly dressed woman who was wearing a skirt that cleared her knees by several inches. However her top exposed a little of her brown breasts and it is believed that this is what may have triggered the problem. The man was almost at her side in the packed vehicle where in those days people used to be packed like sardines in a can.

Trouble started when the woman suddenly screamed as the matatu approached the Valley Arcade shopping centre. Everybody’s attention was immediately attracted to the woman who was close to the front of the vehicle but not everybody could see what the problem was. One of the touts who was at the door and fairly close to he woman, started laughing loudly and a few other women passengers close to the woman loudly started shouting at the man.

Shockingly the woman’s skirt was stained with fresh sperm. It is believed that the man somehow removed his “weapon of mass destruction” and started rubbing it against the skirt of the woman up to the point where he squirted his seed on the woman’s skirt. The immediate question that emerged was how the woman had not noticed any of this activity until the very last minute. One man in the matatu dared to suggest that she was fully aware of what was happening and may have been enjoying it but only got upset when he skirt was stained. He was dismissed by most of the women in the vehicle as insane and probably an accomplice to “the matatu rapist.”

Incidentally, one of the comments the victim was heard to make was what she would tell her husband when she got home.

There was excitement, shock, disbelief and even laughter in the route 46 matatu when word spread about what had actually happened.

The smartly dressed man just stood there saying nothing but looking very embarrassed. It was not immediately known whether he had a serious psychiatrist problem he was just sexually starved and could not contain himself.

This bizarre incident remains a deep mystery with just too many question unanswered. Can any reader help us shed more light on it?


Mcheku said...

That is disgusting to say the least!

David said...


David said...

Tha chic was wearing WHORE'S uniform.wot do u expect?...,