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Monday, July 28, 2008

Horrors of what Husbands do with their wives

If you have met any Kenyan who went to India for his university education, then you will quickly realize that India is a crazy country to live in. Most of these guys come back very different people and too many of them are alcoholics and wrecks in life.

If you try and talk to some of them about their experiences in India, you will quickly find that this is a subject that they do not want to discuss.

One of them did open up a little to me about what he saw some poor Indian husbands doing with their wives in that vast country. Something that haunted him for a long time. I suspect that he made use of the services that were offered and later felt very guilty about it.

Smiling Indian men would come with their beautiful young wives to where Kenyan students were known to live. The poverty stricken man would then offer his wife to the students. You can imagine the poor man seated outside even as he hears the noise of the springs on the bed inside the room as the robust Kenyan “works” on his wife. Indeed I am reliably informed that most Asians (apart from Singhs) are a wee bit weak in bed. So in some cases some of the wives would begin to enjoy the encounter and their moans could be heard by the husband seated humbly outside.

Finally the Kenyan would then emerge out of the room and count a few rupees into the grateful hands of the smiling husband who would then take his wife along to knock on yet another Kenyan door. A few times some sympathetic Kenyans would give the Asians some money to go away without taking up “the offer.”

That is shocking India for you.

Very very sick story this one. But 1000 per cent true.

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