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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Famous Kenyan Musician beds mother and daughter

Increasingly it seems that younger men have a great preference for older women when it comes to choosing lovers. Admittedly they hardly ever marry them, but that is another topic for another day.

For now we need to concentrate on answering the question why younger men prefer older women. Why would a nice young man want to go for a pot-bellied, sagging body, fat old woman?

Some observers would say that we are asking the question the wrong way round. We should instead ask why older women prefer younger men. After all they are the ones who have been very aggressive in going all out for younger men, giving them all sorts of cash inducements and incentives to go to bed with them.

One 25 year old Kenyan interviewed by this writer says that having a relationship with women closer to his own age has become increasingly complicated. He says that he fears them because they are looking for commitment like yesterday which a young man is obviously not prepared for.

“Wana ni-bore na stories zao za marriage.” (they bore me with their great desire to get married).

Interestingly I know that younger women’s complaint about Kenyan men is that they are only interested in sex and are extremely insensitive to the real needs of a woman. Clearly the two are on a collision course here.

The fact that older women are usually independent financially and just looking for a good time has made them very attractive to younger men. But there is something else that most men find very difficult to admit. And that is the fact that most of these relationships are centred around the issue of cash. The older mamas are generous with their cash at a time when many well educated younger men are jobless and desperate.

Whatever the reasons, the actions of one famous well-known musician have left many Kenyans in deep shock. The musician in question got married recently. However before that he disgusted some of his fans who knew about his escapades, by dating a mother and her daughter and at the same time. It is said that he would receive generous cash rewards for “his services” from the mother of a very beautiful girl and he would then shamelessly spend some of that cash on the daughter of the woman as he also went to bed with her. It is not clear whether either of the two women knew about each other.

The musician told some of his close friends that the mother was a much better performer than her daughter.


David said...

Heh, joan:- those facts are so true it hurts.,but tha main reason is that,it simple getting a woman whos older to bed,than a chic whos younger-reason coz they ar shy.and we don wana plead for sex.we wana have.and if its mutial,tha better.

Anonymous said...

david where had you gone? ulikuwa umepotea sana

Anonymous said...

I know who the young man is....could it be red.......something? Sisemi kitu