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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

How beautiful girls date but remain virgins for their wedding night

Zanzibar is a beautiful island state with a rich history that is part of the United Republic of Tanzania. Just the place to go for a memorable holiday at very affordable rates.

One of the things about Zanzibar is the strict code of conduct based on Islam that everybody has to adhere to. Tourists are even warned not to dare walk around in their bikinis. However not everything is what it seems to be to the casual observer. A beautiful woman known to this writer and now married to a Kenyan man reveals the deeply hidden secrets of the isles.

Most Zanzibari girls must be virgins when they get married and many times this has to be proved on the wedding night. Amazingly a huge percentage of them are. But that doesn’t make sense considering what they usually get up to.

I have had the opportunity of holidaying on the island at least twice and both times I have observed young girls doing all sorts of things that young girls do. Many times because of their strict parents, they will head to the beach to practice their disco dancing moves and of course they have boyfriends whom they go with. They even spend some nights at their boyfriend’s houses and you don’t want to tell me that nothing sexual happens.

So all this puzzled me until this woman friend of mine spilled the beans. She was born and brought up in Zanzibar, so there is no corner she does not know and no insider secrets that are secrets to her.

What girls do is that they move around with their boyfriends but engage only in anal sex. In this way they are able to keep themselves “virgins” for the D-Day.

You can be sure that as a result, Zanzibari girls are much sought after for marriage and true enough any test will prove that those strikingly beautiful girls, some with Arab features are mostly virgins. And the hypocritical typical man pays top price for “the merchandise” believing that it is pure.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes I have heard of many coastal women engaging in these acts! Especially because of all the presents wazazi wao watazawadiwa, ati they brought up the girl well!

Sad thing is, there's a myth that those women are usually unable to give birth normally coz after all that anal sex they engage in, their anal sphincter muscles are so loosened its hard for them to push during the process!

David said...

Heh! Impotant point anon.but according to recent studies,anal sex is more arousing than viginal.:-reason,tha anal(large and small intestines)are heavily networkd with nerves,compaired to tha vigina.-do tha math.(who wouldnt a SCREEMING chic in bed)

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