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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mad woman who got pregnant too many times

This is the very sad story of a young girl who was so brilliant that folks in the village got jealous. It is a stark reminder of just how cruel the world we live in can be.

While growing up Zipporah was the joy of her single mother. She was intelligent and had so much wisdom that other women would flock into their house just to listen to the amazing understanding that came out of her.

It is said that several people warned Zipporah’s mother to quit “exposing” her daughter in such a way because not everybody wished her and her daughter well. But alas she did not listen because she believed that those who were giving her the advice were themselves jealous.

One day Zipporah’s mother had a terrible misunderstanding with a certain woman in the village. They say that it had something to do with the cash that women usually collect in groups. The woman even assured Zipporah’s mother in front of many witnesses that she would live to regret that particular day for many years to come.

Shortly after that encounter, Zipporah who was about to finish high school (where all the teachers had predicted she would have absolutely no problem getting into university) fell sick. She was taken to hospital but her situation got worse and the next thing her mother knew was that she had totally lost her mind. At first it was assumed that this had been caused by a Malaria attack or something and that she would end up recovering. Instead what happened was that the fever went down and she recovered everywhere else except in her mind.

Zipporah’s mother took her precious daughter to every specialist she could find and afford with her minimal resources selling charcoal in the village. Nothing happened. Mercifully a pastor from Tanzania who visited the village prayed for the young girl and she improved slightly. That means she became a little more clean and stopped passing feaces and urine on herself. But she was still not mentally stable and this new condition created another serious problem.

Men in the village shopping centre started inviting her for “mandazi”. And the thing is that this mandazi was only available after night fall and never during broad daylight. Zipporah soon got pregnant and the minute she gave birth to a very handsome young boy her mother gave the child away. But barely had Zipporah recovered, she got pregnant again and this time the mother decided to take her for an abortion. She then had her tubes blocked by doctors so that she would never be able to conceive again.

Today if you go to the small village in central Kenya where Zipporah and her mother live, you will be shocked. Zipporah is approaching 30 years of age and she’s as beautiful as ever. It is not that easy for a new comer to notice her condition. She smiles a lot and this leads to many invitations for “mandazi eating” sessions after dark.

The poor girl is a stark reminder of what the world we live in can be. A brilliant girl who attracted jealousy and ended up in the sad state she is in today.

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