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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Sex Olympics: And The Men’s Gold Goes To...

We have already seen the fierce competition that went on in the previous post (yesterday) as we awarded bronze and silver medals in the men’s event of the sex Olympics (Kenyan edition). Indeed many readers were puzzled because it would seem that all the top contenders were featured. So surely who else was left to take the gold?

Today we conclude this event by awarding the coveted gold medal to the champion. The community that beats all others hands down. My final results here are based on exhaustive interviews and consultations with those who should know.

I hereby award the gold medal to Ugandan men.

My, oh my. These men have no competition to speak of as far as the gold medal is concerned. They are well aware of the fact that sex does not start between the sheets. I need to emphasize the fact that this is exactly what Kenyan men seem to think and that is why they fall short.

A Ugandan man firstly knows how to treat a woman long before any sex happens. And that starts with a lot of respect. However this does not mean that they are “Yes men.” Far from it. These guys can be pretty firm and even stubborn about certain aspects. But never in a bad way or in a way that undermines their women. No way!

Not to forget the fact that unlike Kenyan men Ugandans know what a candle lit dinner really is and accordingly they put this important event in its’ proper place and treat it like foreplay to the action. That is exactly what it should be.

Come to think of it these guys dive into foreplay the minute they are interested and they do it without touching you or being offensive. They use words, looks, gestures and so on. By the time the action moves between the sheets a woman is more than ready. And then they will move to other things like kissing and touching and generally doing things that will drive any woman crazy.

Indeed the Ugandans take gold without tying with anybody as we have seen happening with the silver and bronze medals in the previous post.

Congratulations guys, you really do deserve it.


Anonymous said...

you mean we were considering men without our kenyan borders? well i think ugandans are overrated so somebody slept with a ugandan man and told u this story, i can tell you a hundred women who slept with coastarian men and all of them sing their praises and that is no joke ati ugandan men? rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Helloooooo!!!!! Does the sentence sex Olympics (Kenyan edition)- mean anything ? If you are to award the gold to Ugandans then it should read sex Olympics (East African edition) , in which case - WE all know who would take the gold .