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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hot Kamba lady drives nice quiet man nuts

What is it about Kamba women? Why is it that irrespective of how old or young they are, tribesmates of Charity Ngilu aka mama Rainbow are so blazing hot between the sheets?

That is one mystery that can probably cause endless debate here. But incase you are interested in tying the knot with a Mkamba lady, I have a word of caution for you at the end of my story today, so please stick around.

Scolastica was a woman who was impossible to resist. That is the reason why Robert’s fate was sealed the minute he first saw her at a party at Railways hall along Haile Selassie Avenue in Nairobi. She was a little tipsy and swinging her hips suggestively on the dance floor but dancing with nobody in particular.

Robert was drawn to her like a magnet and could not help himself despite his strong suspicions that she was a prostitute (mainly because of the screaming red lipstick she was wearing too much of). He danced next to her and joined the long list of men who were buying her drinks on that evening. But Robert was the most sober of the lot and definitely the most desperate.

He waited until she inevitably had to visit the ladies and followed her there. He kept vigil outside until she emerged.

“I wanted to talk to you,” Robert told her while blocking her path the minute she emerged.

“About what?” she asked, speaking her English in a heavy Kamba accent.

Robert asked her name which she readily volunteered. She then proceeded to deflect all the other personal questions he tried to ask her.

But his blood really started racing when she leaned on one foot and tilted her head slightly and then asked with an amused look on her face;

“What do you want?”

Looking into her smiling face and laughing eyes you could tell that she knew exactly what Robert wanted so badly. And what was more she seemed pleased that he should want what he wanted. Robert froze. Tongue tied and yet with so much desire in his body. He had never felt like this for a woman before.

“Just tell me what you want,” Scolastica asked him again, as if she was expecting him to confess there and then what he wanted so badly from her.

When she received no answer, she just walked past Robert brushing across his body and went back to the dance floor. As she went past, Robert could not help noticing her scent. It was a scent that he had never noticed in a woman outside a bedroom before. It was the unmistakable smell of sex. Was it from the sweat from the dance floor? Robert would never know.

The rest of the evening was sheer torture for Robert as he watched Scolastica swinging her hips on the dance floor and basically dancing with any man who came her way. Several times she moved closer and closer to a man gyrating her hips suggestively and moved too close only to retreat teasingly just before her body touched his. She left very little to the imagination of the onlookers. However he noticed something odd. Every time a slow number was played that required dance partners to hold each other close, Scolastica would flee the dance floor and disappear. At one point Robert spotted her complaining to the DJ who obliged and the minute the Long Lionel Ritchie song was over, he replaced it with the kind of disco tune the sexy girl wanted to swing her hips to the whole night.

Robert left the minute he saw Scolastica leaving.

“Do you want a lift home?” he asked her.

“Are you a rapist?” she asked and then shrieked in a laugh that was way too loud. That sent Robert’s pulse racing again.

“Where is your car?” she asked suddenly. Robert silently led her to where the Taxis were parked and they both got in as she directed them to an address somewhere in South C. The minute the taxi got there, Scolastica moved with lightening speed. She shoved a piece of paper into Roberts hand and fled from the car, calling over her head; “Call me.”

Robert was left gaping and angrily shoved the piece of paper into his pocket. His extravagance of taking a taxi had not paid off and he felt distressed. He asked the taxi to drive back to town but got off somewhere in the same estate to spend the night at a friend’s place so as to avoid paying the Taxi driver a cent more than was absolutely necessary.

But Robert could think of nothing else. In the morning he called the number from a telephone booth. It appeared to be an Industrial Area number but nobody was picking up the phone. It was Saturday after all.

On Monday as soon as he got to the office, he called the number again. A lady picked up the phone on the second ring;

“Atlas Industries, can I help you?”

He asked to speak to Scolastica and to his surprise he was told to call back after 2 hours which he did and was put through to the woman who could not leave his thoughts. She sounded pleased to hear from him and even thanked him for the ride home.

“Huh, that was nothing,” Robert lied.

Things moved pretty fast after that. She asked for the direction to his office and at 5 PM sharp she was at the office reception high up on one of the floors of the ICEA building along Kenyatta Avenue. She bluntly asked Robert to take her home. Robert shivered with excitement the whole way to his house in Jamuhuri estate. The minute they arrived and shut the front door behind them, they headed straight to the bedroom for the wildest sex Robert had ever experienced. Everything he had heard about Kamba women (and a lot more) was confirmed that day.

She never went home and lived with Robert for about 6 months. He discovered that she was jobless and previously stayed with her sister who worked for Atlas Industries and had answered the phone the day Robert called (there were no cell phones in those days.)

Robert did not understand for a long time why during moments of heightened passion she would tell him to make her pregnant. That sounded rather odd although it drove Robert crazy with desire. He found out towards the end that she had been divorced by the only man she had married because she was not able to conceive and that seemed to haunt her and disturb her a great deal.

Robert’s passionate come-we-stay affair with Scolastica ended when he discovered that she was cheating on him with another man… and tena in his house and on his bed. Details of how he discovered and what exactly happened are not really known. Robert has always told friends that the whole thing hurt him to deeply.

But now comes my warning. Virtually all the married Kamba women I know have been unfaithful to their husbands and some of them are serial adulteresses. In my view the reason for this is historical. It is an old Kamba belief that a woman must have at least one child out of wedlock so that incase a member of the family takes a Kithitu (a Kamba oath that wipes out the whole family if the person taking it is telling a lie in taking the oath or breaks it) then at least that one child (gotten from outside the family) will survive. I believe this is where the ancestral ghosts that haunt Kamba ladies to date came from and that is why they cannot do without sex outside their marriages.

A male friend once told me bluntly, if you are ready to share your wife with all your friends including your cousins and even your brothers, then marry a Kamba girl.

I am not being a tribalist, I am just reporting what I have seen and heard. What do you readers out there think?
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David said...

Hehe, this so true..,am kiuk,nd ima life time,ive done a kamba woman(this one was married) and kamba chic(this one had a boyfriend &was a virgin).and both had one thing in common.they both pounced on/forced me in2 sleeping wit them.& they were good in bed/on tha coach/on tha floor/in tha kitchen.AND ONE THING THESE KAMBA SISTERS LOVE....,IS ROUGH SEX.....mcheku i bet u ar kamba....

Mcheku said...


You are spoiling the names of our Kamba sisters. I know so many nice faithful to their spouses ladies from that area of Kenya, wacha porojo!

Kwanza hebu tell us Joan, are you a Kamba? You seem to know a lot of things about those people.

David I am not a Kamba by any stretch of the imagination.

David said...


Anonymous said...

I am married to a Kamba lady and she is saved (born again). She is NOT unfaithful. I can vouch for her.

Sayra said...

Wewe Joan,

Wacha kuharibu cv ya kaos. My best friend in colle was a kao ... at the moment very married and one of the most faithful gal i know. To her even flirting is a big sin and she aint a serious Christian.

Like Mcheku i ask ... are you a kao? inaonekana inajua mengi abt their inside traditions, ama its the curiosity in you on the traditions of the various tribes?

Anonymous said...

this is b.s. i know so many kao women in ths area who are definitley faithful matter of fact im one too

One who likes screwing Kamba ladies said...

Remember, women in general are "experts" at pretending, lying and deception. Those Kamba ladies that you people are vouching for could be the worst when it come too playing away games. They are usually not caught or even suspected because they are "very good" at hiding their shenanigans.

Francis said...

this is purely perception and most of you think that if they have sex with one kamba gal its like they have had it with the whole village.As pertains oathing i want to tell joan am a kau and you should get you facts right coz you simply doing damage control to our beautiful, caring and faithful ladies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Your story is pure bull, without an iota of anything factual. First and foremost there is no society in the world which does not have women or men who cheat. Hence, you cannot generalize and accuse our Kamba sisters of being serial adulterers. Two, you seem to be led by only one desire, to paint a negative image of Kao ladies, and that blinds you from the banal facts of life and society, such as sexuality. In my opinion, sexuality develops differently from person to person and so does fidelity. I cannot for instance say Kiuk chics are loose but its a fact that there are some Kiuk chics who are loose. Same applies to Indians, Chinese, mzunguz you name it. Joan if you have nothing constructive to say please shut your big hole!!

Anonymous said...

for sure i thought so before marring one but i dont know what happeded and i married a mkamba......when i married her she pretended to be the most cool lady on earth. after 4 years i caught her with my friends. she has done twice with my friend and what i dont know is how many times since past 4yrs....can be 100s. wakamba ni bure kabisa.

Anonymous said...

true that kamba chicks be craze!
i can relate to that chaps experience. Been through that same shebang in KLA. Dem kamba chicks be crazy cheats

Anonymous said...

What else do you expect froma shitty blog by shitty persoin? Shitty stories ofcourse.

cymox1 said...

This is so stupid, research has shown the most unfaithful women in kenya are from central kenya. Goofle it , it was in all newspapers

cymox1 said...

This is so stupid, research has shown the most unfaithful ladies are from central Kenya. In fact being a Kamba myself, its a well known tradition to lock (kuvinga) wifes so that the moment she cheats on you it back fires.

Anonymous said...

dont know about being faithful, but being a foreigner and after sleeping with women of different tribes...kambas are the best,

Anonymous said...

have a kamba chic and can confess the damsel is a 'devil' in bed! One morning i banged her so well that she kept asking for more...damn!

Anonymous said...

Thats nothing but a fallacy.
Days are gone when kambas were called witches or fashion disastrous.
In Kenya kamba women are hottest in bed and looks, good hearted and very caring.
Of course not all but they are simply the best n make best wives.
If u need a woman for life, try a kamba

Anonymous said...

Just an idle foooool you joan.