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Monday, July 14, 2008

Two daring women and male inmates from Kenyan prisons

There are many different types of women as far as sex and sexual preferences are concerned. Sadly this is a very important point that most men just don’t seem to understand.

There are women who can comfortably have sex daily and then there are those who would be very uncomfortable with anything more frequent than once a month. In between these two extremes, there are those women who in over 20 years marriage have never asked their husbands for sex and then there are those who demand for it too frequently for the comfort of some men.

Then there are the women I am going to talk about in today’s post who can be classified as certified nymphomaniacs. In other words they do not get enough and therefore go to extremes in an effort to satisfy their excessively large “appetite”.

Luckily the two women, Milkah and Rebecca are in business and therefore they have the resources to accomplish their evil and bizarre mission fairly successfully.

I have confirmed from my sources that as recently as 5 years ago, they were still operating and doing the crazy things you are about to read here. I have no idea if they are still at it as you read this, but that possibility cannot be ruled out because for most women age increases sexual drive rather than reducing it.

Milkah and Rebecca have a special interest in charity work for prisons with special focus on the inmates rather than the prison wardens. On the surface they appear to be very concerned Kenyans taking care of those who have fallen into some rotten luck in this life and ended up in prison. In this way they get all sorts of information about the inmates, including what they get up to in the dark cells. Contrary to what some people believe, not all prisoners get involved in homosexual relations when they are incarcerated.

Naturally because of how close they are to the prison service (their charity work covers men’s prisons only) Milkah and Rebecca get to know exactly when which prisoners will be released. They will then personally come to fetch those prisoners on the day that they are released. An offer is then made to the ex-jail birds that they cannot refuse.

They are then rushed off for a through medical check-up after which they are taken to a certain house somewhere off the Nairobi/Mombasa road with some very serious security and which cannot be accessed easly by somebody using pblic transport. They bath and change into clean clothes and then eat a meal fit for a king.

Once the medical results are released and Milkah and Rebecca confirm that all is well, they usually take a “business trip” for a week or so and leave instructions with their employees that they are not to be disturbed. They head straight to their house off the Nairobi/Mombasa highway.

Now one thing you need to know about men who have been jailed for many years without touching a woman, is that in the first few days of being released, they are usually insatiable. And this is exactly what Milkah and Rebecca crave for and take so much trouble to get on a regular basis. To the duo, men who have not been in jail do not satisfy them because they get exhausted far too quickly. And you see these two women want serious men and seem to have discovered that there is only one place to get such men.

After about a week or so of “services rendered,” the very exhausted but happy ex-jailbirds are usually released and sent home, most of them to their wives who will no doubt be surprised when the men show little interest in them even after years behind bars. However the jail birds are very well paid for their services according to the information I have.

Most Kenyans are terrified of criminals let alone even imagine having sex with them but until 5 years ago, Milkah and Rebecca had been running this racket for years.


Anonymous said...

I have heard this story.

My information is that the woman is still operating. It is one woman not two.

Sayra said...

The things that happen behind those 'physical bodies' are shocking to say the least.

Joan, where is Kiki ... where did you take her?

David said...

Yea weaz kiki

Anonymous said...

the world is coming to an end, its SODOM AND GOMORRAH TIME.